If you have a hajat/problem which you think is very difficult and is impossible please read Surah fatiha as follows. What ever you wish it will happen in 21 days. Even if you want the government to change it will happen. Yes it will change. That is how strong this Wazife is. Have no doubts in your mind that it wont work.

PERMISSION IS NEEDED FOR THIS WAZIFA (please tell us your problem in detail if you want permission for it)


Time and place must be same every day.

Your clothes must be same every day. Keep one set of clothes just for the wazifa. Do not wash them during the wazifa. Keep them separate in a safe place.

If you think you made a mistake in counting during the wazifa , Restart the vazifa again from zero on the following Friday.

You must be alone in the room, cannot talk to anyone even by making a sign. Lock the door before so no one can disturb you. Keep mobile telephones off during the wazifa.

If You did any thing else during the wazifa you will have to start it again.

After finishing the wazifa get up and leave the room. you may come back to the same room after 5 minutes. Do not start reading other ayets or wazifas just after.

The total duration is 21 days non stop.

Women can not do this wazifa if they cant complete 21 days.

Wazifa must be read after esha salah and at no other time.

What ever you want will happen in 21 days. Even if your hajat/wish is granted please continue 21 days. Your niyet/intention is shukkur/thanks after that. You must complete 21 days.

Salah 5 times a day in extremely important during this wazifa. Do not expect Allah to give you what you want while you totally disobey his orders.

Do the following every night 

After Esha salah/namaz on Friday night..(the night before Friday). Read Darood/Salavat 14 times then 

Do 2 rakat nafal salah/namaz for hajat. Read any surah in the namaz/salah. After salam read Surah Fatiha with bismillah following times. Every time you read Surah Fatiha it must be with full bismillah.

At the end of the wazifa, read 14 times Darood/Salavat again.

(the above procedure has to be repeated every night)

Friday                   1

Saturday             30

Sunday                 8

Monday                40

Tuesday               4

Wednesday         5

Thursday             200

Friday                   2

Saturday              70

Sunday                  10

Monday                 50

Tuesday                20

Wednesday           6

Thursday              60

Friday                    400

Saturday               90

Sunday                   9

Monday                  100

Tuesday                 700

Wednesday           1000

Thursday             800

Please note that the whole procedure of reading 2 rakat nafal has to be repeated every night.

if you were not able to finish the wazifa or you made a mistake during the wazifa or were disturbed by anything, it only means that what you ask is not Allahs wish to give you. IN THAT CASE CHOOSE ANOTHER WAZIFA FOR HAJAT.

This wazifa cannot be used to marry anyone.

Savab of the wazifa must be sent to Sayyedina Maulana Jalal ud Din Rumi (RA) every night.

Your hajat must be a very difficult one. Do not do this wazifa for petty or small problems. please use other wazifas if your hajat is a small one.

This wazifa is elixir for askig Allah for his maarifet or if you want the love of the Holy Prophet.