This is also iksiir (elixir) for hajat. You can do it anytime, day or night. Whenever you have a problem or a hajat.

Do 2 Rakat Nafal Salah and in each sajda read Ayetul Kursi 40 times. In total you will read Ayetul Kursi 160 times. Do not read tasbeeh (subhana rabbi yal ala la) in sajda. only read Ayetul Kursi. You can hold a tasbeeh in your hand to count.

After salam read Darood/Salavat 11 times and the do a dua for minimum 10 minutes. This is the condition. You must do a dua for minimum 10 minutes.

Put a clock infront of you so you know that it was more than 10 minutes.

At the end of dua read Darood/Salavat 11 times.

Your hajat will happen immediately. Provided your income is halal and you do 5 times Salah.