I am reading a wazifa but nothing is happening?

Following might be the reason

You don’t have a correct Sunni belief

You don’t believe in Auliya Allah and you say I can ask Allah directly why should I ask from any Wali Allah or I don’t need them.

This is vahabi belief. Allah said in the Quran especially that we should ask with the waseela of his friends. For example a Prophet, Sahabi or a Wali Allah. Allah calls that a favour he did to us by allowing us to use the names of his friends when doing a dua.

Also that all these holy people are here to help us. Also that Allah says specifically that after leaving this world they can help us. If you don’t believe in this then you are doing kufur.

You never went to a Grave/mizar/turbe of a Wali allah or a Sahabi even though you had a chance to do so. It means you don’t like them. In that case you dislike Allah's friends.

You never sent any savab/Hasana to any Prophet, Sahabi, Wali Allah or the Ummah or are not sending it.

You hate Arabs. Don’t forget that our beloved prophet was a Arab. He specifically said that do not say bad things about Arabs as I am an Arab.

Your income is not halal.

You are using interest. (according to Hadis using interest is 70 times more worse than doing zina with your mother)

Someone gave you a bad dua. Your parents or someone to whom you did injustice.

You are not doing 5 times salah daily. No wazifa will work if you don’t do salah.

If your excuse is that I work and I can’t do salah at work then basically what you just said is that my work is more important than Allah’s orders.

You did not do salah before and just started for the wazifa. If you have salah outstanding the wazifa will work very slowly. 

You did not fast before in Ramadan but now you do. You have outstanding fasts. Wazifa will work slowly.

You are a jealous person and when you see someone better than yourself, you get the desire to destroy them.

You beat up your wife and give her mental torture for no reason.

Your wife/husband and kids are doing haram and you don’t say anything.

As a man you are hen packed. You live in your house as a slave of your wife and she is the boss in the house. According to Hadis Allah does not look at a man like that with rahmet.

You drink alcohol or use drugs.

You do (geybat) back bitting.

You lie.

You look at other men or women. This is zina for eyes.

You are watching TV. Remember that you are not allowed to see any one who is not a mahram.

You are disrespectful towards your parents. 

Your parents are unhappy from you.