To do any wazifa you must have a correct Sunni Belief. If you didn't, either the wazifa will not work or it will harm you instead. If your belief is not correct and you did a wazifa and it worked, it only means that Allah is giving you a chance to get back on the track and correct your belief.

I will only write about commonly found incorrect beliefs. The following is what we all Sunnis should believe in according to Quran and Hadis.

Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) is present ever where at all times. (Allah has declared him to be present everywhere in Quran)

Sahabi Sayyidena Muaviya (Radi allah o anha) is a true Sahabi and our 5th caliph. He was a writer of the Wahi. Anyone who will disrespect him or any other Sahabi, in any way will instantly become a kafir. According to Hadis the Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) said any one who insults my sahaba, my lanat (curse) and Allahs lanat and his angels lanat and lanat of all creation of Allah be on him. 

All shias and salafis and vahabis are Murtad. Meaning who became non Muslims after being a Muslim. The lowest part of hell is reserved for them.

There are several Hadis banning Muslims to make friends with kuffar/kafir and munafik. Do not expect Allah to grant you your wish while you have friends who are vahabis or shias or kafir. Stay away from them even if they are your own brothers or sisters. Loyalty is the first quality in Islam.

Celebrating Urs/Moulud/Death anniversary of a Wali Allah is Sunnah.   

According to Hadis everyone including Kafir can see us and hear us after death. 

Souls of dead Muslims are free to roam this earth and come and go as they please. They visit their family members when ever they wish.

According to Hadis and Quran all Prophets, Sahaba, Auliya Allah, Salih Muslims, Shaheed, or even your own parents or family members can help you after death, provided they want to. I have come across hundreds of cases where the dead father or mother or grand parents came in the dream of their children and told them do something or not to do it. Happened to me hundreds of times and has happened to most Muslims once at least. Even happened to non Muslims. So you know exactly what I am talking about. Do not believe in Wahabi ideas which are totally against the Hadis and Quran.

Allah has given us the permission to ask for help from people who have died since they are not dead. Only that they are living in another world. From where they can see us and hear us. Allah has given them the power to help us and solve our problems according to their rank and status.

Hadis: When you have a problem ask help from the people of the graves (Dead people)

According to Hadis " If you did a minnah (minnet) complete it". To do a minnah at the Grave/Mizar/Turbe of a Wali Allah is Mustahab. Meaning it is preferred. Your Hajat or problem will be solved quickly. 

Anyone who refuses to believe that Prophets, Sahabis, Auliya allah, Salih Muslims and Shaheed can help you after passing away from this world becomes a kafir instantly.

Allah in Quran specifically said that he prefers if you do a dua with the waseela of a Prophet or a Sahabi or a Wali Allah. Allah has declared it a favour which, he granted, to use the waseela of his friends.

Sayyidena Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rehmatullah aleyh) with the permission of Allah is also present every where at all times. He is the biggest Wali Allah and all Auliya Allah (Sufi saints) are under his direct command. He is the biggest Kutub or Ghaus until the arrival of Imam Mehdi. His feet are on the neck of all Auliya Allah.   

If you call Sayyidena Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rehmatullah aleyh) for help, he will come as he promised to come to the help of any Muslim who will call him. I personally called him many times and twice in life threatening situations and he came to help me.

Anyone who refuses the Auliya Allah or their powers or says " i dont need them"  is a murtid. Refusing one Wali Allah is equal to refusing them all and calling them all a lier. Allah says "if you want to fight with my Auliya Allah (Sufi saints) be ready for a fight with me".  

When leaving the mizar/turbe/Grave of a Prophet, Sahabi, or a Wali Allah, do not turn your back towards them. It is extremely disrespectful. The angels present there send lana (lanat) on that person.

There are 5 main Sufi tariqa in Islam. Namely Nakshbandi, Suharwardi, Chisti, Qadri and Shazli. The source of all of them is Sayyidina Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rehmatullah aleyh).

According to hadis anyone who saw the Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) in his dream, he saw only him and no one else. After seeing Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) in his dream all his sins were forgiven. Shifaat of the Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) becomes compulsory (vajib) for him. He will go to jannah (paradise) for sure. It does not mean he will not do any more sins (Gunah), it only means that Allah will give him the izin/permission to do a tobah before death. Hence he will die clean.

The biggest thing in islam is seeing the Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) in your dream. No other ibadah or prayers or any deed what so ever equals to seeing the Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) in your dream.

As a Muslim it is your duty to try to see the Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallim) in your dream since he is the father of the whole Ummah. Anyone who does not want to see his own father does not belong to him. On Meraj Allah asked 3 times from the Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam)

"what do you want" and 3 times he replied "forgive my Ummah". So please have a bit of shame and sense of gratitude that our own Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) loves us so much. What have we done for him? 

Ayone can write a Salavat/Darood in praise of the Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallim) according to Sayyedina Ali (Radi allaho anha). Hence anyone who refuses the recognised Salavat/Darood written by other Aulia Allahs is a murtid. Those Darood/Salavat are tried and tested and are favourite of our Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam). Especially Qasida Burda (Author:Sayyedina Imam Buseri Rehmatullah alaih) which is loved by the prophet extremely. Anything that the Prophet (Sallal laho alaihi wa aalehi wasallam) likes and you dislike it, your place in hell is confirmed. Be very careful about this.

Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) knows everything and anything that there is to know as he is present every where. Allah has created everything from the noor/Nur/Light of the Holy Prophet (Sal lal laho alaihey wa aalehi wa sallam) and he is the owner of Heaven and hell and every thing that Allah created.

A respectful person gets his murad (desire)

Do not take names of any Prophets, Sahabis, Aulia Allah as if they are your friends. You must use appropriate titles like Sayyedina and always say Alai his salam for Prophets, Radi Allaho anha for Sahabis and Rahmatullah Alaih for Auliya Allah. Be warned that all Aulia Allah are brothers among themselves. You disrespect one of them, you insult all of them.