For Allahs maarifat

If you are among those few people who want to get close to  Allah and want to love Allah just for the sake of Allah. Then read the word ALLAH  (not ya allah) everyday 1100 times.

Salavat / Darood 1 time before and after. 

Best time to read is after midnight and you must be alone in the room. If you cant be alone or dont have a private room then just read it as you can.

After 41 days you will know yourself that you are very close to Allah. You will start to see the future and will be able to read peoples minds. You will start to see true dreams. Please dont tell anyone about what you see. Keep it a secret. If you told anyone about your dreams or what you see, it will stop. Be careful to keep quiet about it. Basically you will get kashf.

For sisters please continue reading it during periods.