Imam Hanbal (Rehmatullah alaih) saw Allah 199 times in his dream. He asked 199 times the same question from Allah. If anyone wants to see Allah in his dream what should he do?

Allah gave the same answer 199 times.

"He should do chast salah…..(salah which you read once the sun has come up ..usually around 10 –11am) and read this dua 13 times at chast salah and keep on doing it.


Here is the dua:

"Bismillah hirrahma nirrahim.Allah huma sagherid dunya be aa yo nena va

azzim jalalaka fi kulube na. Allah humma vaf fikna le mer daate ka va sab bitna

ala diineka va taa ate ka" 

Note: Bismillah is part of the dua.

There are minimum 4 rakat and maximum 12 rakat in this salah. Best way to do it is read surah shams in first rakat, surah lail in second rakat, surah wad duha in third rakat and surah  alim nashrah in 4th rakat. Rest of the rakat read aytal kursi 1 time and surah ikhlas 3 times.

If you dont know the surahs then just read surah ikhlas 3 times in all rakat.

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