Anyone who will keep the love of the Holy Prophet (Sal lalla ho wa alaihe wa aaley he wa sallim) and his sahaba kiram (companions) in his heart and will stay away from anyone who disrespects them will benefit from this. Reader must hate anyone who disrespects them from his heart, be that your father, mother or any family member. That includes kafir, shias or wahabis or salafis or deobandis.

This darood/salavat was compiled by sayyedina Imam Ahmad raza khan rehmatullah alaih who was the last mujadid and imam of all muslims. Reading it once is equal to reading it 3 times.

This darood/salavat has 41 benefits for the reader, according to hadis. 

1- Allah will send his blessings (rehmat) 3000 times upon him
2- Allah will send his salam to him 2000 times
3- Allah will write 5000 good deeds for him
4- Allah will forgive 5000 sins
5- Allah will increase his rank 5000 times
6- Allah will write on his forehead that he is not a Munafik
7- Allah will write on his forehead that he is free from hell
8- In kiyamet Allah will keep him with the shaheed

9- 5000 angels will take his name with his fathers name in the court of the Holy Prophet and will say that so and         so son of so and so sent salam to you. At each darood/salavat, Holy Prophet will say, my salam and Allahs             rahmat and barakat be upon so and so son of so and so.
10- Til the time he will keep on reading this darood/salavat, Allahs angels will keep on sending darood/ salavat             upon him.
11- Allah will fulfil his 300 wishes/ hajat. 210 wishes of akhirat (after death) and 90 wishes/hajat from this world.
12- Allah will increase his deen
13- Alllah will bless his children and children of his children
14- Allah will make him his beloved
15- Allah will create love of the reader in peoples hearts
16- Someday he will see the Holy Prophet (Sal lalla ho wa alaihe wa aaley he wa sallim) in his dream
17- He will die with Iman
18- His heart will shine
19-  He will be saved from the worries of the grave and in kiyamet
20- In Kiyamet he will be under the shadow of the arsh, except that there will be no shadow.
21- Shifaat of the Holy Prophet (Sal lalla ho wa alaihe wa aaley he wa sallim) will become vajib (compulsory) for            him
22- Holy Prophet will be his witness in kiyamet (day of judgement)
23- His good deeds will be heavier in mizan (scale) in kiyamet 
24- He will be saved from the thirst in kiyamet
25- There will be noor for him at the pool of kausar
26- He will cross the bridge of sirat very easily
27- There will be noor for him in the grave and in hashar.
28- There will be noor for him in kiyamet.
29- In Kiyamet the Holy Prophet (Sal lalla ho wa alaihe wa aaley he wa sallim) will shake his hand
30- Allah will become so happy from him that he will never ever become angry again from him no matter what he         does.
31- Allah will give him victory over enemies

If this darood/salavat is read in a group it will bring the following benefits

32- Angels from earth till the skies will write their darood/salavat with golden pens on pages made from silver
33- Angels will do dua for the readers saying " read more, Allahs rahmat be upon you, read more and Allah give           you more"
34- Their dua will be acepted
35- Hoor will look upon them with love
36- Allah will give the readers his full attention until they stop reading or start talking.
37- When they will read this darood / salavat as a group, all doors of the skies will be opened for them
38- Allahs rahmat will cover them while they read it
39- Allah will send sakina (peace) upon them and will talk about the readers
40- All the readers will be forgiven
41- The blessings sent for the readers will reach even those who did not read them but were just sitting with                 them. even they will not be unlucky.

Read the following salavat/darood 100 times while standing and facing Madina only on fridays. 
You can read it more if you have time. you can read it everyday aswell.
You can also read it after every salah.
You can read it in the mosque after Juma prayers or at home, anytime after fajr azan until maghrib azan.

Direction of madina is same as makkah from most countries in world.