Doing a bait (Baya) of a Murshid or Sheikh is Sunnah. There are several places in the life of our beloved Prophet (sallal laho alaihe wa aalehi wa sallam) that he did bait (Baya) of Sahaba. The most famous is called Bait-i-Ridvan, which is mentioned in Quran. Allah says in Quran about that bait (Baya) that "It was not your hand that they took for bait but My hand". Calling the hand of Rasullullah (sallal laho alaihe wa aalehi wa sallam) HIS OWN HAND. Refusing it altogether is kufur and will turn you into a kafir instantly. Since you just refused to believe what the hadis says and you have refused all ayets in Quran about Aulia Allah.

According to Hadis

1- "If you died without doing a bait (Baya) you died as a fasiq"

2-"If you died without doing a bait (Baya) you died an ignorant (Jahil) death"

3-"If you dont have a Sheikh (murshid/spiritual guide) your sheikh is Sheytan"

For the past 1400 years muslims have been doing bait (baya) of a Sheikh.

This is a true method and you will see your future Sheikh/Murshid/Piir in your dream, if you keep on doing this wazifa every night.

1 . Read two Rakat Nafall and with Niyyah -intention asking Allah for your Wali-Murshid Spiritual Sheikh.

2 Read 313 times Salawat/darood Naariyah -Click here to open it. 

Please keep on doing it until you are told where to go to seek your sheikh. insha'a Allah you will see it in your dream within a week.

Before you start any wazifa, remember that all wazifas given by me are approved by Sayyedina Maulana Jalal Ud Din Rumi (Rehmatullah Alaih) personally. My master has graciously approved my wazifas.

You must send all savab / Hasana of what ever wazifa you do, to him first. Only then the wazifas will work. Please read carefully how to send the savab correctly from this website.