So you want to meet a real Wali Allah?

A lot of people ask me to tell them name and address of a real Wali Allah.

Firstly ask yourself this question.

Am I good enough that a friend of Allah wants to meet me?

The answer is of course not. A Wali Allah is a friend of Allah. They love no one but Allah. They have no desire to meet anyone except Allah. Since they truly love only Allah.

They live around you but they never show anyone that they are a Wali Allah. Every area has a Wali Allah and it will be like that until kiyamet.

Aulia Allah only meet those people when Allah tells them to meet. Otherwise they are busy praying to their only love. That is Allah of course.

In this time when you pray a lot and request Allah then Allah tells them to meet you. Aulia Allah do not like people. They are secret these days and are hidden. Only when you are recommended by the Holy Prophet then they want to meet you. Either in your dream or in reality.

They are not here to solve our stupid problems, like, my wife don’t love me, I don’t have a job or I am not getting married. For this reason people like me are here. You have a worldly problem then you do a wazifa, your problem is solved and then you forget about Allah. As Allah says in the quran.

There are very few people who are looking for Allah himself. They love Allah and only want to pray to him not for any savab or reward but just because they love Allah and his Prophet. These people are seekers of Allah only and of course Allah asks his friends to meet them.

So ask yourself the following questions

Am I looking for Allah because I love Allah?

If I love Allah then am I doing all my salah and doing extra ibadet?

Have I ever seen the Holy Prophet in my dream?.....if not then why not?....did I ever do a wazifa to meet my beloved Prophet?

If you have no desire to meet your own Prophet and have never met him then don’t expect any Wali Allah to meet you.This is the first rule.

So please first do a wazifa to see the Holy Prophet in your dream. And then tell me.

Doing a bait (Baya) of a Murshid or Sheikh is Sunnah. 

According to Hadis (Sahih Bukhari)

1- "If you died without doing a bait (Bayaa) you died as a fasiq"
2-"If you died with out doing a bait (Bayaa) you died an ignorant (Jahil) death"
3-"If you dont have a Sheikh (murshid) your sheikh is Sheytan (Devil)"
For the past 1400 years Muslims have been doing bait (bayaa) of a sheikh. 
According to hadis " At any one time there are 313 Aulia Allah who run this world"
The number of Prophets who came with a book or a sahifa (chapter) is 313. The number of Sahaba in badar war was 313. The number (adad) of Ayettal Kursi is 313.
If you add up 313 it becomes 7. there are 7 skies and there are 7 most holy people in Islam.
First 4 Khalifas, Sayyeda Fatima, Sayyedina Imam Hasan and Sayyedina Imam Hussain (Ridwanullahe Ajmaeen).
In Tariqat  (sufisism) there are also 7 Aulia Allah (sufi saints) who are the highest in Islam.
I know 6 Aulia Allah who are secret and don't want to be named. Two are in Turkey, third is a Chisti Wali Allah and lives in Bangladesh, 4th and 5th are Naksbandi Aulia  Allah who live in Indonesia. 5th is a Suharwardi Wali Allah who lives in Pakistan.

There is another Qadri Wali Allah in Albania and a Female Wali Allah in Egypt who is from Shazli Tariqa but I have not met them physically.

That is all I can tell you.

Of course there are more Auliya Allah but I do not know them so I can't say who is real and who is not. 
To find your Murshid/Sheikh it is best to ask Allah to point you to him. 
Before you join any tariqa it is best to do an Istikhara before you join. Read here how to do an Istikhara.