This is a very strong wazifa and will make your eye sight 6/6 meaning full vision. You will not need any glasses.

You must do this wazifa nonstop for 41 days. This is the only condition.

For women because they cannot do it for 41 days non stop. You have 2 solutions. Either increase the number of days you missed or much better to ask someone else to do the wazifa for you. For example your mother, father, brother, sister, friend or husband. Meaning a mahram.

Between the Sunnat and fard of Fajr salah

3 times Darood/Salavat. The Darood you read in salah.

3 times Surah Kader (Quran Chap 30)..Among the last few Surahs

3 times same Darood/Salavat

Do a dam (blow) on two index fingers and rub them on your eyes

If some one else is reading it for you then ask them to do a dam (blow) on your eyes instead of on the fingers.

Note: If you missed even one day you will have to start from zero again.