Start this on the night between Saturday and Sunday. After midnight take a bath and wear fresh clothes. Stand on the Musalla/ Sajjade/ Prayer Mat and

Read any Surah which you can remember by heart, correctly 3 times.

Then read any Darood/Salawat which you remember 21 times.

Then read “Ya Allah” 4000 times.

Then do a dua for yourself asking for your hajat.

Then read Darood/Salawat 21 times after the dua with your hands spread like in a dua. Then do a dam (blow) on your hands and rub your hands on all your body where ever you can reach with your hands.

Do all this while standing.

If due to any reason you have to sit or you get tired, sit down to rest a little bit but keep on reading “Ya Allah”. Once you have rested then get up.

Do this for 3 days every day.

After 3 days do all the above everyday but read “Ya Allah” only 66 times each day. 

When the night arrives when you stared the wazifa, on that night get up for Fajr Salah. Take a bath. Then do the all the above procedure but read “Ya Allah” only 400 times. Do these for further 3 days only.

Please make sure that you have enough time to do the Fajr Salah each day after the wazifa. Your wazifa should finish before fajr azan. 

After 3 days, after every Esha Salah and Fajr Salah read “Ya Allah” 66 times always. but without the whole procedure. This is to keep the effects of the wazifa working. 

Whatever hajat you have it will happen. Whatever money you need Allah will arrange it.  You will not need anything else in life. This is a forever wazifa. You will not need to ask anyone for anything. All your needs will be the responsibility of Allah himself.

Needless to say that this is for a very dindar/pious person who can follow the laws and not commit any sins.