Read Surah fatiha the following times after Esha Salah and in between sunnet and fard of Fajr Salah. Darood/Salawat 10 times before and after the wazifa.

Note: In islam after the sunset next day starts

Saturday night ( Night between Friday and Saturday) Esha Salah 30 times

Saturday Fajr Salah 10

Sunday Esha            40               Fajr Salah      20

Monday Esha           50               Fajr Salah       30

Tuesday Esha           60              Fajr Salah      40

Wednesday Esha    70               Fajr Salah      50

Thursday Esha        80               Fajr Salah       60

Friday Esha              90               Fajr Salah        70

After one week start  reducing the quatity of Sura fatiha by 10 each day.  So on following Saturday you will read Surah Fatiha 80 times in Esha and 60 times in fajr, and so on.

Insallah within 2 weeks you will get what you want.