If you have a hajat/wish/problem and it is not being solved by anything. Do the following

Take a thin paper and write “Ya Allah” in Arabic on the paper in ink. You will write it 3125 times. Take wheat flour. Make a dough and then wrap the dough around the paper. Fold the paper before and then wrap the dough around it so it is inside the dough. Make a round ball. Now take it to a river or sea and do a dua for your hajat. As usual Darood /Salavat 11 times before the dua 11 times after the dua. Then throw the ball of dough in the sea or a river.

You must do all that in wudu. Please use non alcoholic ink.

Inshallah within 40 days you will get the result.

You will do that once only and not again and again.