On a Friday after Asr Salah azan do your Salah and then close your eyes and read 

“Ya Allaho Ya Rehmano Ya Raheemo"

Nonstop until Magrib azan. When you hear the azan do a sajda and do dua for your hajat/wish. Do not open your eyes until the Magrib azan. This wazifa is ikseer (Elixir) for all hajats. Whatever you want will happen within 3 Fridays. If it doesn’t, continue it.You only do this on a Friday and no other day. While reading the wazifa please think of your hajat. This wazifa is also tried and tested by a lot of people. It works each time.

According to hadis there is a moment every friday where what ever you ask Allah, he will give it you. According to all Aulia Allah this moment is in between the Asr and Magrib azan.