First of all after every Salah start reading "Ya vahhabo" 46 times. It is a name of Allah (plz make sure you can pronounce it correctly). Darood /Salawat 11 times before and after.

Then at midnight take a ghusul (bath) after that go outside where there is nothing above your head. No cap no Hijab no Scarf no tree no roof. Do 2 rakat nafal Salah.

After the Salah while sitting down read "Ya vahhabo" 1042 times. 

When you have read it  300 times, get up and do a dua for income or hajat or a job. Then sit down and start reading it again. When you reach near 700, (for example 691) again get up and do a dua. 

Then sit down again and complete the rest of the wazifa. Do this for 3 nights only. If you don’t get what you want you can do it again. But do not do this vazife more than 3 days without a break. You can do this wazifa maximum 3 times. Meaning 9 nights but always do 3 nights then wait few days to see if your wish has been granted. During the wazifa and during waiting you must continue reading it 46 times after every Salah. 

Insallah what ever you want will happen in 3 nights. This Wazifa is one of the most strongest wazifas.