If you have a Hajat you want very quick please read Surah Yasin as follows for 3 days only.

Darood/Salavat 3 times

The first word "Yasin" 10 times

After reading the first Mubeen of Surah Yasin please read this Ayet of Surah Fatiha 10 times

”iiya ka na budu va iiya ka nasta een”

After that, after reading each Mubeen you will read the above Ayet 10 times. 

when you come to this Ayet 

”salam mun kolum min rabi rahim” read it 1000 times.

Then read the surah till the end.

Finally Darood/Salavat 3 times.

Then do a dua for your hajat/wish.

Repeat the whole process 7 times everyday. Yes 7 times each day in one sitting. what ever you wish will happen within 3 days.

Please write your dua on a piece of paper and use the same words each time you do your dua.

If you made a mistake in counting you will have to start the whole wazifa from zero again.