There are two methods of doing this wazifa. Choose one method and do it until you are married.

1- After 4 salah read the folowing ayat 33 times. darood/salvat 7 times before and after. After esha salah read it 333 times. Darood/salavat 7 times before and after.

2- If you are not getting married please read this Ayet 24 hours a day in your mouth all the time. With wudu or  without wudu. You are clean or not clean. Just keep on reading it. For women even if you have periods don’t stop. Inshallah with in days you will get married.

Surah Yusuf, Ayet no 86 

“Inna ma asku bassi va huzni ilallah”

اِنَّمَا اَشْكُوْ بَسِّىْ وَ حُزْنِىْ اِلَلَّلهْ

This method was told by a Wali Allah to a person in her dream. This is the famous dua of the Prophet Yaqub (Alai his salam). It works like fire if you are adhering to 5 times salah and Islamic laws.

Inshallah you will get married within few weeks. Do not doubt the power of duas told in Quran.