Do this once and insallah you will get married. Man or a woman this is for both. This is especially for those people who can not do a wazifa for some reason.

Weigh yourself in kilos. Buy rice exactly the same as your weight. If you are for example 80.50 kilos buy 80.50 kilo of rice. Any quality of rice will do. Throw the rice in the sea If possible or in the river if you don’t live near a sea, or in a lake or a canal.

This is sadaka to the sea animals. Just do it once. Insallah you will get married with 2-3 weeks. Before throwing the rice do a dua. Darood/Salavat 11 times then your dua to get married and then Darood/Salavat 11 times. Then throw the rice in the water. That’s all. 

River means a river with fish in it. Not dirty canals for drainage you find in third world countries.

If you did not get married in 2-3 weeks, please do it again. then wait for 2-3 weeks and if you are still not married then do it again.