This wazifa only women can do and only for a husband. 

Take 2 almonds and after Esha Salah put them in your mouth. On your tongue, not under your tongue.

Imagine your husband and read

Darood/Salavat 11 times

Then read only this part of Ayat no 39 from Quran chap 16, Surah Taha, 500 times like this:

“Wa alkaito alika muhabba tan minni va le tus Na aa alainee”. 

This is the last bit of ayet no 39. You will read only this part not the whole ayet.

Read it 100 times then take out the almonds and do a dam (blow) on them. Do not clean them at all.

Put hem back in your mouth and start reading again.

On every 100 you will take them out and do a dam(blow) on them and put them back in your mouth. So in total you will do a dam 5 times.

When you finish the wazifa put them safely in a clean piece of paper and wrap them. Again do not clean them no matter how wet they are.

You will do this Wazifa for exactly 5 days only. You will do a dam(blow) on same almonds each day.

Do not remove the saliva from the almonds at all and do not clean them.

After 5 days somehow make him eat them. But do not put them in any thing hot. Neither bring them near to fire.

Best is to cook some thing which is cold and put them inside it or inside anything sweet. He will fall in love with you instantly.

While reading keep the meaning of the ayet and your hajat in your mind. That you want your husband to fall in love with you. You can put his photo in front of you to help you imagine his face.

If after this wazifa nothing happened, then it means there is black magic to break up your marriage. In that case please do the King of all wazifas no 2.