Did you ever want to become rich?. Well here is the wazifa. Who so ever will do it will become rich. 

After Esha Salah read "Ya musabbe bal asbab" 500 times. Darood/Salawat 11 times before and after the wazifa. 

But the condition is that you must read it outside with nothing on your head. No cap no scarf  no Hijab no tree no shade no roof. You must read it barefoot and face kaba as well. This wazifa is considered to be ikseer/elixir for getting rich. Within days you will become rich.

Keep on doing it until you are happy with your financial situation.

Warning: Asking Allah for money you don't need is very dangerous. You can loose your iman as more money than you need can lead to temptations. Instead of asking for more money you should use the dua of our beloved Prophet (Sallal laho alihey wa aalehi wasaalam) which I wrote here. You can find it in all books. Please use the Arabic version for correct pronunciation.

"Allahumma Akfeni be halale ka un harameka wa aghneni be fadleka am man sivak"

Before you start any wazifa, remember that all wazifas given by me are approved by Sayyedina Maulana Jalal Ud Din Rumi (Rehmatullah Alaih) personally. My master has graciously approved my wazifas. You must send all Savab / Hasana of what ever wazifa you do, to him first. Only then the wazifas will work. Please read carefully how to send the savab correctly from this website.