Read Surah Muzammal 11 times every day for 11 days.

Hajat will happen within 11 days. Even if it happens after 1 day you must complete 11 days.

If it does not happen in 11 days continue the wazifa until it happens.

This wazifa must be done at same time every day exactly. The angels of the surah come and they don’t like being made to wait.

The whole wazifa takes hardly 30 minutes to read. It is a small Surah. 

11 times Darood/Salavat

Read Surah Muzammal 11 times.

Each time when you come to read the ayet no 9, read it completely. After it

Read 41 times “Hasbonallho va naimal vakeel”.

Then complete the rest of the surah.

At the end of reading the surah 11 times, 11 times Darood/Salavat

Then send the savab as mentioned in the website to Maulana Jalal Ud din Rumi RA  and then do a dua for your problem or wish. As many as you like.